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With proof of proper vaccination, tourists from the United States and Canada can see it

Iceland’s Fagradalsfjall

Fagradalsfjall last erupted 6,000 years ago. Located forty minutes from Reykjavik — the capital of Iceland — the volcano is part of the Reykjanes Peninsula, a volatile area in southwest Iceland where one can view the Mid-Atlantic Ridge above water.

Iceland lies where the North American and Eurasian…

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

In the last installment, we discussed how many white evangelical Christians view the Bible as the inerrant, unquestionable truth. Today‘s installment covers how they translate that dogma into the Bible-as-ultimate-authority.

Many white evangelical Christians believe the Bible is the ultimate law by which to govern. It supersedes any law written by Man.

Do an online search for should a Christian obey God’s law or Man’s law, and you will find a tsunami…

Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

“Homosexuals deserve to die of AIDS as punishment for their sin.” With Covid, are liberals guilty of the same intolerance?

“AIDS is a curse from God on the wicked perversion of homosexuality.” I heard many similar refrains in my evangelical church as a teen. An early member of Jerry Falwell Senior’s Moral Majority, my church organized register-the-conservative-vote drives, picketed abortion clinics and strip clubs and opposed HIV research. “Immoral lifestyles…

impeachment dinner

Our democracy is crumbling. Whatever happens, Trump will be in the White House after January thanks to his Republican false prophets.

To counter our despair, we planned an Impeachment Dinner Party. Because making up food puns is a better use of our energy.

No, we didn’t solve our country’s problems. But we gave a few friends a much-needed laugh. A tasty meal. Bottles of wine. …

Andra Watkins

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