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With proof of proper vaccination, tourists from the United States and Canada can see it

Iceland’s Fagradalsfjall

Fagradalsfjall last erupted 6,000 years ago. Located forty minutes from Reykjavik — the capital of Iceland — the volcano is part of the Reykjanes Peninsula, a volatile area in southwest Iceland where one can view the Mid-Atlantic Ridge above water.

Iceland lies where the North American and Eurasian continental plates pull apart. The island consists of more than 130 volcanoes, but evidence of volcanism is everywhere: black beaches, basalt mountains, hot springs, and spiky fields of lava.

Volcanologists predict Fagradasfjall could erupt for anywhere from a year to decades. Once this area awakens, it tends to spew for…

Photo by Anton Darius on Unsplash

In my last installment, we covered how it has long been the goal of many white evangelical Christians to force their interpretations of the Bible into national law. We compared their zeal with Islamic Sharia law, because their objectives are identical: To base societal laws on religious texts, making everyone subject to religious dogma whether one practices said religion or not.

No Biblical interpretation is more fraught than the curse of Ham.

In the book of Genesis, Noah (of Flood-and-Ark fame) had three sons: Shem, Ham, and Japheth. While the Bible never mentions race, it is big on the geneology of its various stars.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

In the last installment, we discussed how many white evangelical Christians view the Bible as the inerrant, unquestionable truth. Today‘s installment covers how they translate that dogma into the Bible-as-ultimate-authority.

Many white evangelical Christians believe the Bible is the ultimate law by which to govern. It supersedes any law written by Man.

Do an online search for should a Christian obey God’s law or Man’s law, and you will find a tsunami of articles and opinions on this subject. As an illustration, the first four links I found are HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE. A direct quote from the last link:

If there was a conflict between God’s law and Man’s law, a Christian would be advised to keep God’s…

christian flag
Photo by phil thep on Unsplash

Racism is a problem in the United States. Yes, there is racism in white evangelical circles. They use the Bible and the pulpit to justify their racism, their intolerance of other faiths, and their embrace of authoritarianism. University of Pennsylvania professor and author Anthea Butler makes a clear connection between white evangelical racism and what is happening in the United States today in this article.

Racism is insidious. But many white evangelicals are more dangerous than white supremacists. Their approach to governance is informed by their commitment to spiritual correctness, an absolute certainty that their faith is correct and anyone…

Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

“Homosexuals deserve to die of AIDS as punishment for their sin.” With Covid, are liberals guilty of the same intolerance?

“AIDS is a curse from God on the wicked perversion of homosexuality.” I heard many similar refrains in my evangelical church as a teen. An early member of Jerry Falwell Senior’s Moral Majority, my church organized register-the-conservative-vote drives, picketed abortion clinics and strip clubs and opposed HIV research. “Immoral lifestyles have consequences,” they cried. “If people embrace sin, they die.”

I walked away from my evangelical roots in my twenties, much to my parents’ dismay. They are Christian Nationalists, evangelical Trumpers unapologetic with zeal for their sociopathic god. …

For many Americans, employment obligations do not cease because of a possible pandemic called coronavirus. Without paid sick leave, millions of Americans show up at the office, meet clients in public, and travel to keep jobs and pay bills.

Take me for example. I’m working from an Atlanta-area hotel room this week. I’m staying adjacent to Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, where thousands stream through customs and into our country every day. While effective hygiene measures are always important in hotel rooms, we face an even higher bar with a novel virus circulating.

Most travelers cannot pack an arsenal of cleaning…

Welcome to Lent. For forty days, Christians worldwide give up vices like social media, alcohol and dessert to mimic Christ’s forty days of isolation, prayer and fasting ahead of his crucifixion.

Photo by Grant Whitty on Unsplash

Don’t be surprised when the world’s discourse spirals further down the drain in the coming weeks. Look at all the caffeine-deprived, sugar-crashing screen addicts who will be exhausted. And twitchy. And hangry.

I am a recovering evangelical Baptist. I was taught Lent was a Catholic construct, a works-based look-at-me bit of wrong-headed dogma that would not lead to heaven, so I never practiced it.

Besides, evangelical authorities ordered me to deny temptation every day, 365 days a year. What could I possibly give up when I was required to sign a code of Christian conduct that forbade alcohol, drugs, pre-marital sex…

impeachment dinner

Our democracy is crumbling. Whatever happens, Trump will be in the White House after January thanks to his Republican false prophets.

To counter our despair, we planned an Impeachment Dinner Party. Because making up food puns is a better use of our energy.

No, we didn’t solve our country’s problems. But we gave a few friends a much-needed laugh. A tasty meal. Bottles of wine. And hopefully, a bit of courage to counter uncertainty and chaos.

Okay. I admit it. I own a Peloton exercise bike. Actually, I share it with my husband.

peloton ad
Me suffering on our Peloton.

I forced him to buy it. I nagged, whined and withheld sex until he plonked down over $2,700 on a dual membership.

We take turns with clips, cadence and the damn resistance wheel from hell. Card-carrying members of the Peloton Family.


Based on the internet’s reaction to the viral Peloton commercial, I am an asshole for insisting he purchase this overblown piece of fluff. The entire internet races to cynical, bottom-feeding conclusions over one thirty-second ad.

A discussion of Jenny O’Dell’s book How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy and how I’m limiting social media time.


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