My husband and I are relishing this pause. Yes, I miss seeing my friends. Yes, I miss travel (soso much.) Yes, I miss my income. Still, I am beyond grateful for this time. I’m sad for the suffering and mourn those lost, but I will emerge a better soul.

For almost two months, we have focused on finding our most fulfilling life. We don’t need much to be wildly happy. We have more money even with less coming in, and we have new hours of useful time each day. And by useful, I don’t necessarily mean productive. Boredom resets the brain.

Our state is doing everything it can to force people back into a whacked version of their old lives, but we refuse to go. I recognize this is a privilege. I believe enough of us will categorically refuse what’s offered, and that refusal will make a better world.

Here’s to a better world, everyone.

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